PowerZoneTM series are commercial amplifiers built with a single goal in mind: to deliver cost-effective, adaptable, and dependable high-performance audio power. The ability to offer both High-Z (constant voltage) and Low-Z (4/8 ohm) loads on every channel allows installers to employ PowerZoneTM amplifiers in a variety of installation sites.

The PowerZoneTM Connect series are complete matrix DSP amplifiers with a user-friendly browser-based web interface, these intelligent amplifiers are set up in a matter of minutes. The amplifiers also support constant voltage (70V/100V) and standard low-impedance loudspeakers (4 to 16 ohms).


The Wall-S1 gives you the freedom to control your system from every corner of the room and can be easily configured with any Blaze PowerZoneTM Connect.

The Wall-S1 wall-mounted PoE controller enables the remote operation of any PowerZoneTM Connect amplifier. Any installed system, as well as any sound zone at a site, may be easily set up, configured, and customised.