Control Station

AREC DS-AC1 Control Station is a network-based control solution that streamlines the workflow of Pro AV and other equipment in any room. By seamlessly connecting all room devices, including A/V, lighting and air conditioning, this solution combines a control station with the intuitive graphic user interfaces for enhanced ease-of-use. With just one touch, you can effortlessly manage and control multiple devices using the DS-AC1. DS-AC1 also allows you to customize multiple modes to optimize efficiency for everyone in the room.

Media Stations

AREC’s portable and rack-mountable media stations support recording, live streaming, mixing and switching, all from one device.

Capture multiple audio and video sources simultaneously, and effortlessly produce professional live streams and recordings. With the media stations, users can easily add background images, overlays, subtitles, and change video layouts, among other features, to create high-quality content.

AREC’s range of media stations ranges in size, quantity of supported video channels, and I/O interfaces. They can fit simplest and most complex applications. From the pocket-sized and USB focused LS-US2, to a true all-in-one KL-3T with a 10.1-inch touchscreen, to the 4K-capable LS-410, you will find the right device for your project needs.

Auto-Tracking Systems

AREC’s auto-tracking systems include standalone auto-tracking PTZ cameras based on IR and AI and speaker tracking stations that rely on discussion system integrations.

AREC IR tracking cameras are designed to capture a presenters’ every movement, without the need for a camera operator. By wearing a tracking lanyard, a presenter can be followed around a space effortlessly, without any interference from any other moving people. Alternative tracking accessory can be attached to standard handheld microphones and allow easy tracking of audience members and stage presenters alike. AREC’s tracking cameras are compatible with popular conferencing and lecture capture applications.

AREC’s DS-4CU is a speaker tracking station that is integrated with a variety of congress microphone system brands. Designed to make meeting discussions and recording more productive and smarter, DS-4CU focuses up to 4 PTZ cameras on an active speaker when they press a push-to-talk button and changes video composition according to your desire.

PTZ Cameras

AREC’s PTZ cameras cover video conferencing, recording, streaming and lecture capture applications.

Flexible video outputs of AREC PTZ cameras open them up for use in a multitude of environments. Plus, with contrasting optical zooms, you can utilise them in small, medium and large spaces.

All AREC cameras are fully compatible with AREC’s range of Media Stations and can be used with 3rd party devices as well. Connect multiple cameras via USB, HDMI or IP to an AREC Media Station and capture high-definition video for your streams.

The cameras can be controlled via RS-232 through a 3rd party control system, web pages, or using their dedicated IR remotes.

AREC - Accessories


AREC’s accessories are designed to enhance and get the most from media stations, cameras and auto-tracking systems. They include wireless microphone systems, interactive touchscreens for preview and control, SDVoE transceivers, brackets, control panels, keypads, and other devices that can be used together with devices from AREC and other brands for recording, streaming, and conferencing purposes.