AREC - Media Stations

Media Stations

AREC’s portable and rack mountable media stations support recording, live streaming, mixing and switching, all from one device.

Capture multiple video sources simultaneously, alongside your audio, and produce professional live streams and records effortlessly. Using the media stations, users can easily add background images, overlays, subtitles, change video layouts and more, to create high-quality content.

Its portable media station, the KL-3WT, features a 10.1-inch touchscreen, making it a suitable all-in-one device. Its rack mountable devices on the other hand can be managed through AREC’s various control platforms.

AREC manufacture media stations for the simplest and most complex applications, meaning they’ll be a solution for everyone.

AREC - CI-T21H - Auto-Tracking Systems

Auto-Tracking Systems

AREC’s auto-tracking systems include auto-tracking PTZ cameras and a speaker tracking station.

Its PTZ cameras are designed to capture a presenters every movements, without the need for a camera operator. By wearing a tracking lanyard, a presenter can be followed around a space effortlessly, without any interference from any other moving people. AREC’s tracking cameras are compatible with popular conferencing and lecture capture applications

AREC’s DS-4CU is its speaker tracking station. Designed to make meeting discussions and recording more productive and smart, DS-4CU enables a PTZ camera to focus on an active speaker when they press a push-to-talk button.

AREC - CI-21H - AREC PTZ Cameras

PTZ Cameras

AREC’s PTZ cameras cover video conferencing, recording, streaming and lecture capture applications.

Flexible video outputs on both of its PTZ cameras, opens them up for use in a multitude of environments. Plus, with contrasting optical zooms, you can utilise them in small, medium and large spaces.

Both cameras are fully compatible with AREC’s range of Media Stations. Connect multiple cameras via USB, HDMI or IP to an AREC Media Station and capture high-definition video for your streams.

The cameras can be controlled via RS-232 through a 3rd party control system, or using its dedicated IR remote.


HDMI to USB Bridge

Turn your computer into a streaming station with AREC’s HDMI to USB Bridge, A-BR01.

Capture high-performance 1080P 60fps content via HDMI and convert it to USB for plug-and-play connection to your PC. The plug-and-play USB 3.0 output requires no drivers, so content can be streamed right away.

The A-BR01 is a cost-effective way of bridging your high-quality HDMI cameras, into software-based applications like Teams and Zoom. Users can also convert their video device and stream to VOD platforms like YouTube, Twitch and Facebook.

Add a voice-over to your recordings via a 3.5mm Mic In and create complete and professional conferences and live streams.

AREC - Accessories


AREC’s accessories are designed to enhance and get the most from its media stations and auto-tracking systems.

Accessories like its AM-600 wireless positioner and microphones are crucial for use with the auto-tracking cameras. These are worn by the presenter and identify which individual needs to be tracked. The AM-601 on the other hand is a wireless microphone for use with its Media Stations. They can provide wireless audio to your recordings and live streams.

The A-TS01 is a touchscreen panel to use with the LS and KL Media Stations. It’s a compact 10.1-inch touch display for managing your live streams and connects to your stations via VGA or DVI.