5 March 2024

AREC introduces DS-AC1 Control Station to Simplify your Workflow

The DS-AC1 Control Station makes it easy to manage all your AV systems and room devices together smoothly. With just one touch, you can turn everything on or off using a simple interface. It supports control for over 20 devices, including cameras, microphones, lights, and projectors, allowing direct control within the room through different ports. You can switch, play, and live-stream videos effortlessly from various sources. Plus, you can manage everything from your mobile device or laptop through a web browser. It even lets you keep track of how much power your devices are using. Perfect for classrooms, conference rooms, and training spaces, the DS-AC1 Control Station simplifies AV system management for everyone.

The DS-AC1 Control Station offers comprehensive control for AV systems and room devices, facilitating seamless integration and operation. With a single touch, users can power the solution on or off via an intuitive interface, streamlining operations. Supporting control for over 20 devices, including PTZ cameras, microphones, lights, screens, and projectors, it enables direct device control within the room through various ports like RS 232/485, IR learning & blaster, relay, digital I/O, differential audio, and USB HID. The station facilitates easy switching, playing, and live-streaming of videos from HDMI, USB, and local/remote IP streams. Its web-based management and control system enable access via browsers on mobile devices, tablets, and laptops, enhancing accessibility. Additionally, users can monitor power usage to track the power consumption of all connected devices. Perfect for classrooms, conference rooms, and training spaces, the DS-AC1 Control Station offers a versatile and user-friendly solution for efficient AV system management.


AREC DS-AC1 Control Station is a network-based control solution that streamlines the workflow of Pro AV and other equipment in any room. By seamlessly connecting all room devices, including A/V, lighting, and air conditioning, this solution combines a control station with intuitive graphic user interfaces for enhanced ease of use. With just one touch, you can effortlessly manage and control multiple devices using the DS-AC1. DS-AC1 also allows you to customize multiple modes to optimize efficiency for everyone in the room.


AREC DS-AC1 has web-based and device-direct-output graphic control interfaces that enable end-users to easily and quickly control room functions. The control interface of DS-AC1 supports multiple logins and diverse control options with devices, including Android TVs, touch panels, IFPD, mobile phones, and computers. In addition, through DS-AC1, users can also directly control AREC media stations and AREC PTZ cameras within the room.

The web browser of AREC DS-AC1 is compatible with ActionScript 3.0, which allows developers to use design-grade software like Adobe Animate to create fully customized control interfaces for end-users.


DS-AC1 provides a complete web-based configuration backstage, enabling you to configure settings and GUIs for controls effortlessly. The backstage makes it easy to set up and customize control patterns without any programming knowledge.


Designed with energy-saving in mind, the AREC DS-AC1 calculates the power consumption of hardware devices connected to the control station. It also supports scheduling for automatic power on and off. Power consumption statistics can be listed by device category and generated in both graphical and informative reports. Users can utilize the statistics to optimize energy efficiency and achieve energy-saving goals.


The AREC DS-AC1 control station offers APIs to seamlessly integrate with third-party systems. This offers a wider range of possibilities and improves efficiency for devices control, making it more user-friendly for all who enter the space. The solution is ideal for smart classrooms and multifunctional conference rooms.


ARECloud is the free cloud service that can help administrators remotely monitor and manage all AREC Control Stations in real-time.

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