8 March 2021

Angekis Release Suspended Ceiling Microphones

Angekis has recently announced the release of its suspended ceiling microphones and digital signage processors, designed for providing excellent all round audio in videoconferencing applications like meeting rooms, boardrooms, education, training rooms and more.

Both the processors feature a type-b USB output for driverless, plug-and-play connection to all conferencing platforms. The microphones and processors are available in two formats, the ASP-C-01 and ASP-C-02, each including two of Angekis’ ceiling microphones and a alternative processor.

The ASP-C-01 is equipped to intake 2 suspended ceiling microphones, 1 wireless microphone, 2 speakers and output the audio to an external recording system. Whereas, the ASP-C-02 features two microphone inputs and two speaker outputs for simpler video conferencing setups.

Both processors can guarantee excellent audio quality due to the processing technologies they feature – adaptive echo cancellation, noise suppression, speech gain adjustment and smart mixing. Both front panels are fitted with independent volume control knobs, allowing users to manage the volume of the microphones individually, as well as the speakers and AEC-In/Out.

The ceiling microphones themselves offer an excellent pickup radius of up to 10 metres, which when paired together, can cover some of largest meeting rooms around. 20 metre cables on the microphones allows for flexible installations and gives assurance that the microphone cables will reach the processor, no matter the size of room. Each microphone features multiple unidirectional cardioid elements that provides 360-degree pickup, and ensures people sat either side of the microphone are heard clearly.